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Custom Paint Jobs

2011   August 15
by Admin

Whenever we are cruising down the road we always notice, and often gawk, at the cars that have the nicest paint jobs. Our attention is instantly grabbed and put in a vice grip as the flashy and eye catching colors shine in comparison to the dullness of the majority of vehicles traveling down that same road.

Just the other day I was driving with a friend of mine who was going to pick up his younger brother from the mall. As we were heading there this dark blue Ford Mustang, sporting a hood scoop, a spoiler, and white detailing along the roof and sides of the car, pulled up along our right hand side. It also rolled along on rims that were chrome and glistened in the night as other cars’ headlights bounced off of them.

Needless to say this car isn’t an easy one to forget. The funny thing is, that is exactly why that man or woman tricked out there car like that. So that as they drive by people will stare and wish they were driving that car. He or she painted their car in that cool blue because it would stand out with the white stripes. For all me or my friend know there may have been a complete geek behind the wheel of that car, but still the same the envy would burn.

That is the beauty of custom paint jobs; they can take what is a nice car in the Ford Mustang, and turn it into the car everyone knows and wants in one spray booth transformation.


Getting your car detailed can go a long way in its appearance. Not as costly as a complete paint job, detailing adds the flair and bravado many people want their cars to exude. It may sound odd to use these words that imply personality when describing a machine, but that is the beauty of detailing! It gives your car that personality that allows it to stand apart, thus allowing you to stand apart while taking pride in your car, and not having to break the bank while doing so.

Color Blending

What is probably the most fun way to customize you car’s paint job is to blend colors. You may see a lot of the same basic colors in cars on the road today. However, if you are looking to find a way to get your car to separate itself from the pack, consider color blending as an avenue to explore. Color blending allows you to take your favorite colors and mix them into whatever combination you want to give your car a unique touch. Blending colors will make your vehicle different from others because the color you create will be all its own and people will take notice.

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