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Upholstery and Interior Detailing

2011   August 15
by Admin

Most of the time when people think of tricking out their car, the focus zeros in on the outside appearance of the car. All of the attention is on the paint job and rims, but I’m here to tell you why making an upgrade in your car’s interior and upholstery is the smart idea.

When you are driving your car where are you? Inside right? So why not make the entire driving experience worthwhile by making the inside of your car as luxurious as possible.

Not to mention, think of how handy having the nicest interior would be. Imagine being out on a date and it’s at that point where neither of you are ready to go home yet but there’s nowhere else to go. Having a comfortable car interior will allow you spend any extra time together feeling relaxed, while also providing a romantic setting.

Ultimately, all of the exterior upgrades you can want in a car will be impressive for people to look at and will definitely be an attention grabber, but there is no constant personal gratification from that. By making the most out of your car’s interior you will allow yourself and others to better enjoy riding in your car.

Different Materials

Different types of materials will suit different types of people based on what they want out of their cars. For example, a businessman who may frequently have colleagues of his in the car would want to give a professional feel to his car. Therefore a leather interior may be more suitable for him.

For a young high school student who would use his car to get to work, the beach, go on dates, and so forth, would want a durable material that could withstand all the damage it would suffer from the student and his peers. That makes a material like cotton a better choice because although it would more than likely get stained, it would be able to withstand the punishment.

Here are some examples of materials to choose from.







This is a fun idea for people who can afford it. A great way for you to make your car unique is to add some kind of personal stitching to the seats in your car. 

Perhaps you may want your initials or a symbol. Maybe you’d even like a picture of your favorite sports team, either way adding that special personalization will make your car memorable to everyone who rides in it and give you something else that so few have.


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  1. Mr.Davilsaint
    Sep 13, 2011 at 11:23 AM

    I agree with the Admin. of this site...Nice Interior and under-the-hood repairs are the most important factors of the vehicle!!! A lot of helpful info. here! Great site!!! from the ex-mechanic and body

  1. Debra Ramirez
    Sep 26, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    Watch out for Jose Argueta Body Shop because he known to take your money or car and not do the job he uses an another bodyshop saying its his and it is not his.
    To work on your car and then he takes your money and trust and never does any thing he says he will he is going to court in Bakersfield CA pretty soon for alot of charges he has aganist him right now so be on the look out for him dont take your car to him for anything!

  1. Upholstery
    May 28, 2012 at 2:48 AM

    I also agree with the Admin that its important to design the interior part of the vehicle.Thanks i got use full information here.

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